My Story

I’m passionate about cooking and the feeling of joy when you eat amazing food. Every time that my husband and I travel, we loved to discover new recipes and new flavors. I regularly visit restaurants and take cooking classes in order to enlarge my knowledge about cooking.

I’m also a Banking professional. However, since I was a child my passion has always been cooking. I give the credit to my mum, who inspired my siblings and me to learn our way around the kitchen.

My mum became an orphan when she was three years old, and when her grandfather took care of her, there was no one to teach my mother how to cook. Years later when she married my dad, she didn’t know how to boil an egg, and that situation was very challenging for her.


As the years passed, she became an excellent cook with my Dad’s help, and she promised herself that one day she would teach her children how to be great cooks.

She did a great job! The first lesson was when I was seven years old, the recipe? How to cook rice, quite a challenge for a young girl like me. That was just the starting point, she made every lesson so special for us, as a result, my brother and sisters love to cook now.

I created this blog focused on the challenge of preparing food for people with special conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and some others.

The idea came to my mind first because of my husband who suffers from high blood pressure, and my Dad who suffers from diabetes.

Please share with me your restricted diet and I will help you to create recipes especially for you, take the first step and follow me on The