About The Blog

THE POCKETBOOK is the place where my Mum keep all her recipes since I was a child, through the pass of the years I’ve been collecting more recipes from friends, and creating new ones focus on special conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and some others.

I want to help you on how to cook food recipes according to your restricted diet and health issues. My purpose is to use original recipes and make a twist using healthy products, with local and fresh ingredients.

Nowadays it’s overwhelming the range of sources that specialize in healthy diets, my research found that a plant-based diet can prevent special conditions, if the person is willing to change habits, eats more protein from vegetables and reduce the intake of animal protein.


Another interesting thing that I found while researching was a healthy diet that can help you to re-grow hair, and it has similar characteristics than the plant-based diet. The real challenge for you is to take the chance to cook the recipes using different ingredients for your special diet.

Also, I will share a list of some brands and products that are healthy and suggested by dietitians, moreover I will share my experience using those products in the recipes.

Please share with me your restricted diet and I will help you to create recipes especially for you, take the first step and follow me on https://thepocketbook.blog and enjoy new recipes every week.