Portion Sizes & VitaMeal.

How often do you notice the balance of your meals? Are you one of those that love animal protein more than veggies? whatever is your approach I just want to encourage you to think about it.

The key is not to eat less, it’s to manage the portion sizes in every meal and the balance of protein, fruit, starches, grains, and veggies.

I found the charts below quite useful and probably can help you as well to visualize the ideal proportions, also is up to you to change animal protein for vegetable protein, as this can boost your daily diet.


I had also a story to tell you about how can you contribute to others with the simple gesture of donating food.

A dear friend of mine and her daughter are collaborating with an initiative to help kids suffering from hunger, and bringing hope to children with VitaMeal – Nuskin

In February, my friend went to a region in the north of Colombia (Guajira) to bring some donations of a supplement that can improve the nutrition in children.


The VitaMeal school  lunch is a worldwide initiative to help children with a meal per day. These  donations are saving children’s lives an improving school attendance.

My invitation to you today is to purchase a bag of this supplement to donate. In order to do that, go directly to the website of NuSkin and become an active donator all the year (use the code UK3390380)

This simple act can make a massive difference for many children! Please donate and share your comments on The PocketBook.blog

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  1. Pedro says:

    This is the best blog and I feel very encouraged by the advices from the recipes and the author

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