Sugar ​please give me a Break.

My weakness the dessert! I have to confess that I love puddings. For me, there’s always room for a dessert even if I’m absolutely full after a meal.

However, for some of us, sugar is not your best friend but you don’t have to quit on sweets in order to eat healthier.

Let me share some views about it, I started to feel unwell after eating a lovely dessert, and I didn’t realize that it was for the amount of sugar that I was intaken during the day.

So I changed some stuff during my daily meals in order to have my price (the dessert).


First of all, I reduced significantly the amount of sugar in the coffee or tea during breakfast and gradually reduce to zero. Secondly, I started to drink only water during lunch and dinner.

I used to drink coke or juices with most of my meals but the amount of sugar is too high in beverages and changing for water is a good way to avoid the excess of sugar.

Some people think that drinking water is boring but for me, it was a good experience, after a few weeks of drinking only water your paladar start to taste the real flavors in food.


Dietitians said that you need 21 days to change a habit. Let’s say that it’s a magic number for each of us but not impossible to achieve and create new habits such as drinking water with every meal and reduce the amount of sugar that you intake during the day.

It’s simple as I mentioned, it took me only three weeks to change those habits and the best part was that I could have that amazing dessert at least twice per week.

Give it a try an let me know your magic number. Also, enjoy new recipes this week on The

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