Managing temptation by Shopping Online

Hands up for those who shop online? Well, there’s a lot to say about shopping online, trust, quality, reliability just to mention some. Now let me ask you how many of you shop online fruits and veggies? Maybe not so many.

I was skeptical as well about shopping online, especially fruits and veggies that you want to choose one by one in order to have the best quality.

However, I gave myself the chance to shop online in different supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Ocado in the UK, and I found that it was easier to follow a restricted diet if you have the list of your goods online.


Nowadays, the supermarkets have excellent platforms online to keep your list of veggies, fruits, and goods stored. Also, you will avoid the temptation of those products that may not be healthy for your diet, remember, you will also save time shopping in the comfort of your home, or during your commute on a bus, train or at work.

You will find in these platforms online recipes and ideas for meals, perhaps you can change some ingredients in the recipes in order to follow your restricted diet. This is a way to discover new flavors, create recipes and test your palate.

Let me share my list of the best fruits and veggies:

  • Avocado = Uterus
  • Carrots = Eyes
  • Celery = Bones
  • Citrus = Breast
  • Figs = Scrotum
  • Grapes = Lungs
  • Ginger = Stomach
  • Kidney Beans = Kidney
  • Mushroom = Hearing
  • Sweet Potato = Pancreas
  • Tomato = Heart
  • Walnut = Brain


Since I’ve been shopping online my pantry is tidy and free of sweeties from my husband,  I already forgot what is like to queue in the supermarket, saving petrol and time every week, the only thing that I have to do is to update the shopping list and place my new order.

Perhaps you can give it a try shopping online, please share your comments on The

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